creating - designing - implementing
relevant, easy & affordable voluntary & ancillary programs
78% of employeEs say voluntary benefits aid in retention

Covid changed the workplace forever.   Our agency is committed to employers and benefit brokers in Hawaii and Alaska to enhance their benefit plan with highly affordable employee-owned programs with zero additional cost to the bottom line.

In essence, the process we follow is simple:  1) Discovery, 2) Analysis of best practices for benefits communication/enrollment options, 3) Strategy is delivered to client (following non-disclosure agreement), 4) RFP process with carriers, client signs contracts, 5) Execution of Plan (pre-enrollment, enrollment and 6) Post Enrollment/On-Going Service (deduction data, new hire set up and possible survey of employees).

Pamela’s “CVBS” designation insures she has the base of knowledge in over 19 areas including Voluntary fundamentals, carrier selection, benefits communication and enrollment, VB implementation and project management to name a few.  Combined with 27 years of voluntary agency management (with over 900 enrollments personally designed during that time), clients can expect the best!


This phase is critical: it’s WHY employees should work and grow with your organization…with me as YOUR creative spokesperson as you’re busy running your business.   This "discovery phase: is important so I articulate that you UNDERSTAND THEIR CHALLENGES, you CARE, and are responding by providing “essential benefits” to assist in their FINANCIAL and MENTAL wellbeing.

From this meeting, I create your "Pre-Enrollment Message" (video) to ensure your voluntary benefit program is focused on RECRUITING and RETENTION

pre-enrollment phase

Let’s WOW your employees right away…telling them your "WHY", how EASY the process will be and that all employees will be invited to actively participate...

Using your company logo & brand colors, we incorporate them in every piece we it resonates with staff as studies show that the most important factors limiting participation is lack of EDUCATION, lack of COMMUNICATION and a clear ENROLLMENT Strategy. We build your custom Landing Page to prepare for Step 3....

enrollment phase

Which is supported by one URL: a custom designed landing page containing ALL the information your employees need and HR will love...

Everything that is important to staff IS ON YOUR LANDING PAGE:  Your Intro Video, Flyers, Webinar Links, Brochures & Rates, Enrollment Portal Link, FAQ's, and most importantly…the Employee Presentation (100% of employees must attend/watch) and...

Because I am a VOLUNTARY BENEFIT BROKER, you can rest assured I only partner with award-winning carriers offering outstanding benefits with 100% "Guarantee Issue"

Step four:
new hire & servicing

Your landing page turns into a new hire and service page to help with filing claims and on-going communication
And your new hires are excited to participate in highly affordable programs that make a difference in their lives...directly aiding in RECRUITING and RETENTION.  

Step FIVE:  Annually, we adjust your message, introducing new benefits that are relevant while producing a NEW video for the next Open Enrollment…featuring policyholders who benefitted from the programs.