creating - designing - implementing
relevant, easy & affordable voluntary programs
for both established and new markets

Covid changed the workplace forever.   Our agency is committed to employers and benefit brokers in Hawaii and Alaska to enhance their benefit plan with highly affordable employee-owned programs with zero additional cost to the bottom line.

We believe that the three hallmarks of successful voluntary benefits programs are that they meet a relevant need for employees and their families, that they are affordable, and that they are easy for both the employer and employee to administer.  And all of this works because the products and processes are fully aligned with the needs of our customers.  It’s impossible to separate the products we market from the processes that support them.  And the events of 2020 & 2021 underscore how important our products and processes are to one another.

 Elite-VB brings cutting edge products, dynamic and customized enrollment and technology solutions and access to the some of the highest “guaranteed issue” programs in the nation.  With the experience of over 65 years of the voluntary benefit management and agency ownership, we love what we do!  Experience, creativity, and amazing solutions wrapped up in Aloha…let’s learn more

Voluntary benefits

We’ve been “Voluntary Evangelists” before it became popular (For Pamela, it’s been since 1995) and now the experts have spoken. In 2021, employee-paid benefits are no longer “nice to have” but critical for a savvy organization have in place to attract and retain quality employees.  

Employee stress is high, employers are trying to do more with the same or less in their benefit budget and never before has DISABILITY, LIFE and CRITICAL ILLNESS plans and more been more popular and appealing to staff.  Over 80% of employees would participate in one or more of these benefits, when presented properly at the workplace.  Let’s learn more…


Employee-paid benefits don’t “SELL THEMSELVES”.  Pamela believes strongly that there are THREE components to ensure a successful voluntary benefit program that are built on a belief that all enrollment designs should be SIMPLE, MODERN and PERSONAL:

Explain the NEED:  What is the risk of disability?  What is the risk of cancer?  Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in Hawaii & Alaska?  Let's also address mental health with programs that cover this important concern. Let’s lay a foundation for WHY your employees might consider an accident, disability or critical plan FIRST before presenting the benefit.  Let's learn more...



Virtual benefits communication tools will either "make" or "break" a voluntary benefit program, now that Covid changed the workplace forever. With the custom tools we design, HR simply has to "roll out" the designs created (custom websites, flyers, infographics, etc.) as we have turnkey engaging deliverables that drive high participation limits. The tools we design ensure that each employee adequately understands the benefits offers as well as how easy it is to enroll in voluntary benefits.  We have the experience and back-office “engine” with our Ease license to handle an enrollment of any size – whether you have 50 employees or 10,000.  Let’s learn more…


Did you know?

Great Voluntary Benefit brokers know that a happy client BEGINS with an “initial” successful enrollment. But that’s just where a great voluntary benefit program begins.  The relationship with our company continues with new hires treated as special as they are, with invoices correct (and if not, we are a phone call or e-mail away), claims support, and annual Open Enrollments that bring renewed excitement about the benefit offering and potentially new products/services.  Pamela’s first client in 2002 was still with her in 2020, which clearly indicates that great vendor partnerships begin…and continue…with great service.