Video is #1 as our brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than the written word and 66% of people prefer video versus 2% a sales call"

Pamela Whitfield - Agency Owner

Digital Communication Campaigns

Approaching the 2022 voluntary open enrollment season with 2019 communication methods won’t be effective.  We know how the Pandemic affected the workplace, technology,  retaining quality employees.  We take what we know (and teach) and “meet the moment” with a process called “SMART VOLUNTARY” as this moment will award those who are understand how to capitalize on all that’s new…with five generations at the workplace.

This 4-minute will spend the first 3 minutes educating the viewer about how the Pandemic changed the way we absorb information.   Elite-VB uses this knowledge to power the combination of video+text+ smartphone usage communicating voluntary benefits.  We achieve high participation in voluntary benefit enrollments while amplifying HR’s message of caring.

Product are easy.  Enrollment platforms abound.  Our agency leverages over 25 years of experience paired with creativity which is the “rocket fuel” to launch successful enrollments to infinity and beyond!

We know that 79% of the success of a voluntary enrollment is BENEFITS COMMUNICATION.   My agency has been creating custom websites, landing pages, videos and other digital “deliverables” since 2017 and that is why we rarely had enrollment results less than 50%.

The video below shares the secret ingredient for a highly effective enrollment:  pair great products with a virtual enrollment solution, supported by a custom digital communication campaign

We begin with a “Digital Needs Assessment“, learning about each organization, what each client’s value proposition is and how communicating their “VALUE” will distinguish them from their competitors…aiding in recruiting and retention.

Bottom line is brokers and employers have a choice as to who will deliver outstanding results in our new workplace.  As the leading authority nationally regarding our post-pandemic workplace, we take the guesswork out of designing our programs…bringing in the rocket fuel needed for 2022 and beyond!



Elite-VB creates digital “campaigns” as we know that employees prefer receiving messages via VIDEO better than e-mail or the written word. 

This is an example of a “pre-enrollment replacement video” that highlights why their employer is “upgrading” their programs, why it should matter to the employees, and relaying the high points of the new plans being offered.  It is customized for each client and designed with HR.

It shares approximate premiums, the value of the plans and also that there will be NO HEALTH QUESTIONS only during this open enrollment.

As well, it lets staff know that they need to attend upcoming webinars, the URL for the website and that ALL employees will “elect” or “decline”.

This video is a sample of a PRODUCT video – replacing critical illness with a new carrier and would we track the analytics, knowing who watched, for how long, if it was shared, taking the guesswork out regarding delivery.

The video is not designed to earn an Oscar for best picture.  It is educational; containing the elements needed for maximum effectiveness:

  • Explains WHY the company is upgrading
  • WHAT the new benefit consists of 
  • HOW the benefit will be an advantage of employees
  • WHO might best want to learn more about this product along with 
  • as well as the limited timeframe for signing up WITHOUT HEALTH QUESTIONS

This video is used to “drip” before the enrollment is open, building anticipation and “inviting” employees to learn more.  Again, all custom designed for each client – all to help with recruiting and retention

Our agency is very talented in creating CUSTOM WEBSITES and LANDING PAGES for our clients.  Our custom websites allows our clients to benefit from their own custom benefit URL that amplifies an organization’s message and is continually updated so it contains relevant information for staff as well as their families 24/7, whether they be hybrid or remote.  It’s also great for new hires.

As well, websites/landing pages are a very EFFICIENT way to communicate via text.  All HR has to do is push out the URL that holds:

  • Employee enrollment information (webinar links, product info, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Enrollment Link
  • Updated constantly with analytics tracking the usage

SAMPLE Hawaii website (“your company” is sample landing page)

SAMPLE Alaska website (“your company” is sample landing page)

SAMPLE corporate website (this one happened to be built for a PEO):

Elite-VB's Four Step Process...learn more

Step1- Start with Your Why

This phase is critical: it’s WHY employees should work and grow with our clients…with us as the creative spokesperson.   We work off of a “digital needs assessment” but it’s much more than that.

From this meeting, I create the custom “Pre-Enrollment Message” (video) to ensure the voluntary benefit program is focused on RECRUITING and RETENTION

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Step 2 - Pre-Enrollment Phase

Our digital campaigns are delivered in multiple formats: video, social media posts, websites, landing pages and more with a custom message.

Always branded with the client’s logo & brand colors, we incorporate them in every piece we create…so it resonates it staff as there is one chance to make a big impact and prepare for Step 3….

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Step 3 - Enrollment Phase

Virtual enrollments must be “active”. Our agency designs the pre-enrollment communication so employees are educated when the make a decision.

  When relevant new products are selected at a lower price point than currently in place, communicated effectively and employees can make elections easily and virtually, results skyrocket.

Whether using my EASE license or finding another solution, we understand tech…

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Step 4 - New Hire & Servicing

Service is our specialty. Open Enrollment success shifts to
new hire and claims.  Custom enrollment videos are shifted to new hire messages to continue to aid in RECRUITING and RETENTION.  

We believe in mid-year communication, with videos on wellness benefits and adjust the subsequent open enrollment messages featuring policyholders who benefitted from the programs.

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Bottom Line

We are on a mission to make a difference in the lives of Americans through voluntary benefits.  Our vision is to work with forward thinking brokers and employee-centered organizations to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those we serve by placing 1,000,000 policies in the next ten years.  I say “nothing ventured, nothing gained”!  Pamela