doesn't it always come down to

service service service?

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Companies choose a vendor due to their experience and knowledge and insurance is no different.  

Elite-VB knows that the voluntary benefit broker you choose should be able to execute a flawless enrollment strategy, and then move immediately into “new hire” and “service strategy”.  Initial Open Enrollments are easy…we believe where the rubber meets the road is in the follow up and follow through.  We ensure the first invoice is correct, that employees know where to get help with policy information and more.  We are committed to supporting claims here in our Kailua office as our agency will NEVER be “out-serviced”.


Maybe we are “old school” here at Elite-VB, but that’s just the way we like it as we believe the phone calls and e-mails should be returned promptly. It seems like “service” has taken a backseat even more since the pandemic started. We believe that service isn’t complicated – it’s about being available for our client’s needs, your employee’s needs, even if that means nights or weekends.


Use our survey to gauge your employees’ satisfaction with our communications and enrollment process. Employee feedback is great to receive after an enrollment to understand where the enrollment process “hit the mark” and where improvement is needed. It’s also great for HR and upper management to reinforce the need for new hires to be given the same care as the initial enrollment and will aid in designing future Open Enrollments.


Our local office is poised to help your employees with claims, service questions and navigating the secure website to file and receive their (oh so important) health screening benefits!

Kailua, HI and Anchorage, AK


New hire strategy is critical for ensuring that your organization complies with Section 125 as all “pre-tax” benefits should be offered to all employees equally and fairly.  When we design the initial enrollment, care is taken to ensure that the process is already in place BEFORE the enrollment is over with HR/Payroll that is easy and seamless.


Receive a summary of your employees’ enrollment elections via e-mail that can be customized for you payroll system as needed.  Depending on the technology platform that is used, we may be avoiding Excel deduction reports all together and using EDI feeds (for core enrollments with medical, dental, vision and prescription).  Ensuring that the date is complete and will import properly and efficiently to the client’s payroll system is paramount and a big part of pre-enrollment strategy. 


View, reconcile and pay your invoices online from the carriers selected.  Elite-VB will always be available to assist with any billing discrepancies from the initial return data feed to each new hire through Open Enrollment.  Tracking any updates to deduction amounts for policies that fail to issue or have an adjustment to the premium.


We recommend our benefit counselors come by mid-year to answer any questions, review online claims portal and help with outstanding claims (no policies written – service visit only).  Another great mid-year visit is to provide EDUCATION to your employees such as the risks of cancer, heart disease, disability, etc.  Pamela is certified to teach a course alongside Neurologist Diane Lada on “Stroke – the Risks & Prevention and Insurance Products”, which is a great way to educate employees on how to identify a stroke, the latest medical treatments to limit the damage and more.


Benefits enrollment certainly isn’t a one-and-done thing. After all, our lives are constantly evolving. Many life and career changes – expected and unexpected – can affect employees’ eligibility for certain benefits.  Elite-VB offers clients and our broker partners consistent monitoring and maintenance of eligibility issues for all client employers and their full workforces.


Finally, prior to Open Enrollment each year, our goal is to review the prior year’s product mix, the percentage of employees enrolled in various plans, the claims data and determine if any products should be added.  Utilization of the plans are important and we’re here to ensure that your program is on track and performing it’s best…year after year…no matter what changes occur with your organization, we are here to adapt as needed.


Pamela’s agency was proud to win the prestigious Better Business Bureau’s “BBB Torch Award for Ethics” in 2016 when her agency was in Anchorage, Alaska.  A mere three years into the market, our commitment to ethical standards were recognized and we abide by these guidelines in all of our business practices:  


Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.

Follow established legal and ethical advertising and selling practices, including, but not limited to, the BBB Code of Advertising.

Honestly represent products and services, including clear and prominent disclosures of all material terms.

Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business, and clearly and prominently disclose all material facts that bear on a customer’s decision to buy.

Fulfill all contracts, commitments and representations.

Address disputes forwarded by BBB quickly and in good faith.

Protect any data collected against unauthorized disclosure and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.

Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity, good faith and intent to do what is reasonably expected.

service testimonials

In 2019, my agency surveyed some of my over 240 clients to find out WHY they work with our organization.  Carriers and products may change but great service never goes out of style.  Many of my clients worked with our agency for over 10+ years and one from Washington was established the very first year the agency was established in 2002!  

Office Mgr
Anchorage based Printing company

Northern Printing has worked with Pamela and her team since 2013 and two words to describe their services is “no surprises”. The enrollment materials for our employees is straightforward, materials are always on hand for our new hires and we can always reach her and her team.

Fairbanks, AK

Catholic Bishop of North America (CBNA) switched voluntary carriers to the Whitfield Agency for two basic reasons: lower premiums and better service. It’s that simple.

Office Furniture Store, Anchorage, AK

Responsive, no B.S. and no hard sell, and your staff makes myself and my employees aware of the programs so that we can make an educated decision.

Hair Salon, Anchorage, AK

We enjoyed working with everyone at your Agency.  To have a good service and offer voluntary plans to my employees has been a great perk.

HR / Payroll Manager
Grocery Store Chain in Alaska
over 600 employees

The Whitfield Agency has been our voluntary carrier since 2013. Consistently, she is easy to reach, quick to reply and/or point us in the right direction for a solution needed. The managers at our locations like the consistent servicing at open enrollment, and the deduction reports are pretty “spot on” as well.

HR Director
Non-profit aquarium, Homer, AK

Pamela and her team are great to work with. Super responsive and no complaints from myself or our employees.

HR Manager
Dental Office in Anchorage, AK

Your local, easy to get ahold of, and my employees always report back that they had an easy time talking with you.”

Alaska grocery store chain client
over 500 employees

Choosing the Whitfield Agency is the best thing that our company has ever done in terms of voluntary benefits. Her team has always been thoroughly professional and super responsive.  She and her team has been a huge win for our organization and especially for our employees.