Post-pandemic, business and benefits are all about hyper-personalization.

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Elite-VB's 5 Star Solution Video

Learn how our agency can assist employers, unions and any employer entity in implementing a “no-cost-to-you” voluntary benefit program that focuses 100% on virtual solutions…aiding in attracting and retaining quality employees.  We call it “SMART VOLUNTARY“.

This 5-minute video lays out the five steps (or “stars”) that we utilize when working with each client.  All of our programs and services are at NO COST (our agency gets paid by the carriers based on enrollment results) which is why it’s easy to have a conversation and explore improvements!

Elite-VB's Digital Communication Campaigns - Rocket Fuel for success

Digital Communications – the Rocket Fuel for Successful Virtual Voluntary Enrollments

The Pandemic created tectonic shifts that has changed how we communicate benefits, and we know the secret ingredient needed to ensure a successful voluntary enrollment but one that goes to the stratosphere.

Quite simply, it’s pairing great products with a virtual enrollment solution, supported by a custom digital communication campaign

  • We discover how the client communicates, the demographics of the organization and design a custom digital communications campaign.
  • We know which platforms each generation utilizes at the workplace  information (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and design for each with a consistent message that leverages the voluntary to aid in recruiting and
  •  With an “active” enrollment, high participation is achieved and the campaign continues beyond open enrollment for year round education!

we understand why "square peg syndrome" exists

Multitude of Carriers

With over 70 carriers in the voluntary “space” – who has the time to evaluate all of them and know which carriers/benefits are correct for each client? We live, eat and breathe VB for over 25 years.  We have identified which carriers/benefits will yield the best results, allowing you to stay focused on more important tasks for your clients.  And we’ll keep vetting carriers forever.


We know brokers may not be skilled at presenting, communicating, and enrolling employee-paid programs.   it’s a different skill set.  Doesn’t it make sense to work with an expert who not only knows products, but has a built in video, graphics, and web design studio at your fingertips?  This skillset is not only valuable but imperative in the post-pandemic era


While not every company offers VB to its new hires, doesn’t it makes sense to do so?  Not only from a recruiting standpoint (wouldn’t we want the new hires to learn about the benefits and sign up without health questions ASAP?) but also for revenue?  Our system ensures new hires are offered the benefits which creates and additional year-long revenue stream while providing amazing customer service

Bottom Line

Roosevelt said: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”.  My agency has been successful because we see every enrollment as a massive success BEFORE we begin.  My best broker partner is one who doesn’t see limitation…only opportunity.  You hire me as your “coach” because we expect to win and we deliver.

We bring the tools to educate your clients (raise the "IQ")

As Covid’s many impacts continue to ripple through our industry, joining the many waves of disruption already faced by benefits professionals, the need for leadership and choosing to partner with a “voice of value” becomes more vital day by the day.

We help our broker partners to “start the conversation” with your clients with these tools:

  • My course “Covid & the Workplace 2022:  Leveraging Voluntary to Aid in Recruiting & Retention” can be white labeled for your clients and given to used to start the conversation re: smart voluntary
  • Our SHRM CE course can be given to the HR professionals that you work with as well as “C Suite” officers – you don’t have to “sell” them on voluntary as well as sharing my eBook
  • With my EASE Ben Admin software, Elite-VB can bring a powerful “virtual” solution differentiator that allows us to bring paperless solutions…how great is that?
Elite VB SHRM Course 2022
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Let’s start a conversation

  • How are you currently driving voluntary benefits through your block? 
  • What is working and what’s not?
  • Why partnering with Elite-VB would be a good business decision for your agency and your clients? and finally
  • If we are a good “fit” When would you want to start with relevant voluntary solutions?

Ben Admin no cost

One of of tools Elite-VB has in it’s toolbox is not only a license with EASE (one of the 40 ben admin systems on the market) but the know-how to design and build effective virtual enrollment solutions.

Back in 2005, my WA agency conducted a core enrollment (enrolling ALL of the company’s benefits) with the 1200-employees of Seattle Goodwill.  In 2015, in Alaska, we communicated and enrolled a massive voluntary benefit replacement/roll out with a 1700-life native corporation with over 1700 employees in 43 states with 4 pay cycles This enrollment resulted in $788,000 of premium.

In 2017, our Employee Navigator platform communicated and enrolled complicated core benefits for a 160-life, 15 state village corporation for 3 years…all at no cost to the employer.

With over 20 years of complex enrollment design, we know what it takes to shift from paper to virtual!

Case Study

In 2016, my agency (Whitfield Benefit Solutions, Inc.) met for dinner with a high-profile Anchorage broker.  The principal explained that they weren't maximizing voluntary revenue from their block of 300 or so clients. 

The agency had been purchased by Acrisure and the Voluntary Benefit Leader came to town and suggested that they leverage my agency's over 20 years of voluntary expertise to drive voluntary through the entire block. 

As a District General Agent (DGA) for Colonial Life at the time, we had worked with a few clients of theirs so they knew we were professional and had a strong value-proposition to replace much of the Aflac in place. 

The broker also knew that their clients were receptive to voluntary and needed to be put in place to execute and drive revenue while rounding out the overall benefit programs in place at no additional cost on the client's behalf.

As agency owner, myself and my Assistant Manager (son, Marshall Pickering) met monthly to review each and every account coming up for open enrollment in the upcoming 90 days. 

We reviewed core benefits in place with each client as well as demographics, personalities at the account level, and of course, the voluntary opportunity (either "new" or "replace").

The broker made the introductions with the clients we felt were a "good fit" a few months ahead of renewal. 

With many of the opportunities, the broker didn't feel then need to join us at the client meetings.  They felt it was best the client built rapport and felt comfortable just discussing voluntary and not having anything interfere with that discussion.  It was a good decision. 

During open enrollments together, sometimes we were presenting together, and sometimes we conducted voluntary meetings separate from the core benefits. Again, the broker trusted us to select the right benefits, determine benefits communication strategy and execute to achieve maximum results as well as to build rapport with the client.

Bottom line: the time on the broker's part was minimal: we took meetings, set up enrollments, included them on relevant e-mails and discussions and submitted commission reports following each enrollment.

My agency handled the new hires like clockwork as well as claims, and with every open enrollment we generated more premiums. changing the lives of many employees. 

In the course of a year and a half, my agency rolled out voluntary with over 35 clients and generated over $400k in annual premium.

Agency owner Josh Weinstein said the revenue was "significant" and made an impact with them maximizing bonuses that had to be realized in the first two years of the acquisition

We went right into "new hire servicing", which continued to drive premium.

As with any benefit program in place, it's standard to evaluate the carrier and effectiveness every three to five years, and this is especially true for voluntary in place since 2019 or prior

Working with a voluntary broker is 2022 is important as many of the cases from pre-pandemic days have outdated benefits due to post-pandemic needs and concerns.

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