The Pandemic changed the workplace forever

Is your pre-pandemic voluntary program struggling to keep up?

"Smart Voluntary" Benefit Broker

Elite-VB LLC is an insurance benefit broker specializing in employee-paid / ancillary benefits for organizations of 100+ employees.  Often called “voluntary benefits”, these programs are at zero cost to an organization and provide benefits that pay cash to employees (as medical pays the doctors and hospitals). 

With over 70 carriers on the market offering products such as accident, disability, critical illness, hospital, and life (as pet, legal, student debt coverage, etc.) and over 40 enrollment platforms on the market, our role is to learn about each client, recommend the best carriers with the ideal products and then we custom design digital tools (videos, websites, etc.) to engage employees and drive high enrollment results.

The Pandemic was a once  in a century event that affected every nation and every industry.  Some organizations didn’t survive while savvy organizations embraced the change, adapted and thrived.  Chances are, if you had voluntary in place in 2019, your pre-pandemic voluntary benefit program might be like trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

At Elite-VB LLC,  we believe there is an unparalleled voluntary benefit opportunity before us.  So much so, we are “bullish on voluntary” believing that the market is ripe for enrollment results that far exceed pre-Pandemic enrollment strategies. Most importantly, properly designed programs will aid organizations with their top threat:  hiring and retaining talent.

On this site, you’ll learn about WHY now is the best time to evaluate employee-paid programs in place to ensure they contain four critical ingredients:

  • Products that contain amazing benefits that address the new needs of the workplace
  • Compelling Custom Communication that always “hits the mark” while aiding in recruiting and retention
  • User-Friendly Enrollment methods that make signing up for coverage as easy as clicking “I agree” on our  smartphones which leads to
  • High enrollment participation…whether we are working with 100, 1000, or 10,000 employees


We can’t predict what the future will bring but experts agree:  there is NO going back to 2019 again.  Working with Elite-VB, brokers and their clients can focus on their business, knowing confidently that they have an industry expert on their team who not only understands the problems but has the solutions to adjust to whatever the future may bring.

While my agency is located in beautiful Kailua, Oahu, my assistant, Alex is in Alaska and because I focus on virtual enrollment solutions, I can design enrollments with employers all over the US.  Learn more about us on the ABOUT page, and our digital brochure on WHAT WE DO (as well as downloadable)

Square Peg

Pre-Pandemic Voluntary Benefit Program lacking strong participation

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Round Hole

The Post-Pandemic workplace - one that is ripe for voluntary opportunity

experience + knowledge + passion = results

Elite-VB LLC is an Oahu-based Voluntary Benefit consultant/broker with over 27 years of expertise in designing, implementation, and servicing of ancillary/employee-paid programs.

Voluntary/Ancillary programs are all we do. Agency owner Pamela Whitfield’s passion has led to her goal to impact the lives of more than one million lives by 2032. To reach this goal, her plan is to educate employers, brokers, and the community on how Covid changed the workplace and the value that voluntary programs can provide to an organization.

After many years of managing hundreds of clients, we are happy being a “boutique” broker who only works with selective brokers/clients.  Because Pamela personally designs all of the digital deliverables (videos, websites, landing pages, webinar content, etc.) being a volume agency again will never be in our future. We prefer to provide “White-glove” treatment to discerning clients that deliver results while bringing a service model that will lasts for years and year.

To learn more, be sure to read my articles, schedule a SHRM CE for HR staff and stay up to date with my weekly blog.  It’s also easy to have a conversation as I’m a phone call/e-mail away!

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Pamela Whitfield, CVBS

Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist

Founding Partner, Elite-VB LLC

Elite VB works with forward thinking brokers and employee-centered organizations, creating Covid-aware employee-paid benefit programs that aid in recruiting while providing financial security and peace of mind for the employees we serve.

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Our Solution

Voluntary Benefits

Employees’ needs have changed, and carriers have responded. 

2022 plans bring relevant features paired with competitive premiums that blow away pre-pandemic plans in force, delivering high participation levels while aiding with recruiting and retention.  What employees wouldn’t want richer features and lower premiums?

Benefits Communication

At Elite-VB our part-time job is designing rockstar custom videos and digital tools that blow away generic pre-enrollment communication. 

We believe each client deserves has a story to tell and we have the talent to make enrollments fun and engaging.  Our communication is clear, simple and effective

Enrollment Technology

We leverage technology as a tool, not a replacement for people.  We know how to implement and service Covid-19 compliant enrollments through our use of technology, knowing that your employees and their needs are the focus of every design.

To engage employees, we make the process simple, modern, and personal.


Initial Open Enrollments are easy…we believe where the rubber meets the road is in the follow-up and follow-through.  We ensure the first invoice is correct, that employees know where to get help with policy information, and more. We are committed to supporting claims here in our office as our agency will NEVER be “out-serviced.”


Who We Serve

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For over 20 years, Elite-VB, has been a valuable partner with brokers who see the value in working with a voluntary benefit “expert”.  We have great carrier relationships that we pair with custom designed tools and Ben Admin software (EASE) that bring impressive results. Learn more…

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2020-2021 were challenging times for every organization. Our passion is to “flip the script” on “old style” voluntary benefit programs where employees felt like they were being “SOLD” insurance.  We focus on education, assisting employees to make good buying decisions. 

Pamela's June Blog

Get your “Voluntary Evaluation Gift Cards” here!

Get your “Voluntary Evaluation Gift Cards” here!

Get your “Voluntary Evaluation Gift Cards” here! Elite-VB’s secret weapon to aid inflation woes while improving recruiting & retention! “Give…

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